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Small Platter
Combination of seasonal butter cookies,drop cookies, bars, candy and nuts.
Price: $35.00 USD Qty:
large platter
Price: $55.00 USD Qty:
Spicy Joes Garlic/dill Mustard
Same as our origianal plain mustard made with our own chive blossom vinegar and dill seed adds an unexpected heat.
Price: $4.50 USD Qty:
Spicy Joes Italian Mustard
Same as our original Spicy Joes with the addition of our Italian vinegar and fresh dried basil and oregeno.
Price: $4.50 USD Qty:
Spicy Joes Mustard
Our original sweet mustard style condiment, great on sandwiches or as a glaze for ham, poultry or pork.
Price: $4.50 USD Qty:
Strawberry Jam
Made with our own chemical free strawberries, sugar and apple based pectin.
Price: $4.50 USD Qty:
Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam
Our best seller.
Price: $4.50 USD Sold Out
Black Raspberry Jam
Chemical Free fresh Black Raspberry, sugar and pectin, simply delicious. order soon sells out fast.
Price: $5.00 USD Sold Out
Raspberry Jam
Chemical free summer and fall raspberries combine to make a delicious year round treat.
Price: $4.50 USD Sold Out
Peach Jam
A touch of fresh grated nutmeg and fresh peaches.
Price: $4.50 USD Sold Out
Apple Pie Jam
Diced apple cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg and cardomom, make for a one of a kind treat.
Price: $4.50 USD Qty:
Gooseberry Jam
An old fashioned favorite, very limited supply in season
Price: $4.50 USD Sold Out
Blackberry jam.
2008 should be a good year, new field great on pancakes.
Price: $5.00 USD Sold Out
Hot pepper jam
Great on a cracker with a bit of cream cheese.
Price: $4.50 USD Qty: